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The Disaster Story


The Story begins …………


Nicola is very often using the expression “Disaster !!!!!”

If you have a problem, solve it.

If you can`t solve it?

It’s a disaster……


So we established a Cervinia Disaster Team to make more publicity about Cervinia, and not only traditional methods were chosen.

The target for the Team is to have fun, make people stay in Cervinia to ski, snowboard, decent or nondecent afterski and have a good time.

We will make sure they remember Cervinia.


Although we are playing, skiing in the streets, inside the bars,restaurants, inside swimming pools we are serious skiers and we are responsible skiers when it comes to mountain and safety precautions.

This is also the reason why we activate our ABS (Avalanche safety system) from time to time in public.

The best place to demonstrate the ABS system will be inside Ymeletrob bar.


The board in Cervinia Disaster Team is represented by three members.

  • The President
  • The Master of Disaster
  • The Psychologic Advisor


We have also supporting members as

Disaster Bitches

Disaster Bars and Sponsors

Disaster First Aid

Disaster Guy Dog

Disaster Hippies


We will continue the fun for the season 2015-2016 and hope for your support.

The sponsor supports us, and we are sure you will as well.

Please see our Great Sponsors by following the links, cause they will indeed support us in all the best ways.

Jumpers, t-shirts, stickers will be available for a giveaway price at SportCenter 2000, buy it and keep the good memories from Cervinia and come back!


What we will do this season?

Will not tell you, you will notice when it happens……


The Story continues…..


Disaster Sayings


  • If there is a problem there should be a soloution

If there is no soloution, then its a DISASTER


  • Eat yellow snow, there might be beer inside


  • We always come down .......


  • Skiing stairs ,pools and jacuzzi is quite normal behavior


  • OBB = Out Before Breakfast


  • If the banana is good, the Monkey come back


  • Always drink enough Helispritz


  • Opp i rumpa in Cervinia= Happy New Year


  • Remember to check your ABS inside the bar, not outside.


  • Look out for DisEster Dog, he is guy


  • Always support our sponsors by a smile, and they will support you with

a drink


  • SFD = Straight Fucking Down
  • SDF = Straigh Down Fucking
  • FSF = Fly Ski Freeride (The woman)